Updates to Django

Today 'Updates to Django' is presented by Raffaella Suardini from Djangonaut Space!

Last week we had 4 pull requests merged into Django by 2 different contributors - including 1 first-time contributor! Congratulations to Ismael for having their first commits merged into Django during DjangoCon Europe 🏰 - welcome on board!

DjangoCon Europe has just ended and during the sprints, 17 new PRs were opened. Thank you all for your commitment!

This year, we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of Django Girls+. You can watch the celebration video here. It's wonderful to celebrate and look back at the steps we've taken so far. Yay!

Django Enhancement Proposal 14 (DEP-14) has been approved, introducing a standardized interface for long-running background tasks in Django. Thank you Jake for this incredible work 🎊

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