Trends and Insights

Trends and Insights for the first week of February 2022

🗑 Apple is officially removing Python 2.7 in the next version of macOS Monterey 12.3. This means that macOS will no longer ship with Python. As Tom Eastman points out, "Python 2 has been deprecated for fourteen years."

🔥 pip 22.0 broke pip-tools this week.

🏎 The Django developers are exploring using Python __slots__ in a couple of key template classes, which should help improve render times and memory usage.

🚫 David Smith points out that it's never OK to open an issue with "Is this project dead?"

♻️ Oliver Andrich started an interesting discussion about How green are programming languages?, which led to a few interesting studies that pointed out that compiled languages and Java tend to be more green than interpreted languages.

📊 Ned Letcher shared an image of an in-progress grid that visualizes Python project tools. The tweet kicked off several discussions and updates.

💯 This week we learned that the render_crispy_form() function django-crispy-forms is very useful when working with #htmx.

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