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Django PRs this week

We're trying out a new category, curated by Sarah Boyce, highlighting contributions to the Django codebase.

On the week starting May 22nd, we had 14 pull requests merged into Django by 13 different contributors - including 4 first time contributors! Congratulations to tuxo, Mohit Singh Sinsniwal, Andrii Kohut and gtleee for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome onboard!

Included in this week were improvements to the escape template filter docs and adding a new template filter escapeseq into 5.0.

Want to leave your mark on the framework but struggling to choose a ticket? Here are a couple you might find interesting: - Documentation #29762 - Document how database routers are used for related object access. - New Feature #30200 - Add support for using indexes in update() for ArrayFields.

Please read through the contributing guide and if you need any help, you can reach out on the Django forum or the Django Discord. We'd love to welcome you onboard!

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