Updates to Django

Updates to Django

This week the updates have been curated by Yemisi, from the Djangonaut Space contributor program. You can find Yemisi on Twitter @Oluwayhemisi1 or LinkedIn Oluwayemisi Ismail.

In the previous week, we had 17 pull requests merged into Django by 11 different contributors. Notably, we're thrilled to acknowledge the participation of 2 first-time contributors, aokugel and almazkun. Congratulations to the both of them for having their first commits merged into Django-welcome on board!

Now in 5.0, QuerySet.aiterator supports previous calls to prefetch_related(). This will help to reduce the number of queries made to the database and improve the performance of data retrieval in async applications #34331 .

For those using GEOS library, (a library for performing geometric operations), Django 5.0 will be supporting GEOS 3.12. Olibook has actively worked to add support for this #34686 and while also adding GEOSGeometry.equals_identical , a new method allowing point-wise equivalence checking of geometries, thank you olibook!

If you're new to the forum, Django Internals is a hub for discussions revolving around the ongoing development of Django. Engaging here offers you a valuable opportunity to contribute to shaping the future trajectory of Django!

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