Updates to Django

Last week we had 14 pull requests merged into Django by 9 different contributors - including 2 first time contributors! Congratulations to chenow and Patrick Rauscher for having their first commit merged into Django - welcome on board!

Some interesting things from last week...

  • Django 5.1 increased support for window frames. Specifically, RowRange and ValueRange now accept an exclusion argument.
  • We had some security releases issued: 4.2.7, 4.1.13, and 3.2.23
  • There was an interesting forum discussion around updating the DEP process.

Do you speak Português or हिंदी? We will soon have a translation string freeze for the 5.0 release, so this is a good time to join a translation team! You can see the languages Django supports on transifex as well as the ones missing translations. Perhaps you can help translate Django and make it more accessible to our global community!

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