Updates to Django

Last week we had 22 pull requests merged into Django by 12 different contributors - including 3 first time contributors! Congratulations to Prashant Pandey, Standa Opichal, and trontelj for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome on board!

Some key updates from last week:

  • From 5.1, RequestFactory/AsyncRequestFactory/Client/AsyncClient/Client now supports a query_params parameter, which accepts a dictionary of query string keys and values. This allows setting query strings on any HTTP methods more easily.
  • Django has started to test against Python 3.13 alpha. Python 3.13 is scheduled to release October 2024, if all goes well we can expect Django to support Python 3.13 from 5.1.
  • 5 release blockers were resolved last week, and a few more this week! Thank you so much to everyone who has been testing 5.0 💚
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