Updates to Django

Today 'Updates to Django' is presented by Pradhvan from Djangonaut Space!

Last week we had 26 pull requests merged into Django by 17 different contributors - including 7 first time contributors! Congratulations to Can Huynh, Michail Chatzis, Kasun Herath, Leandro de Souza, cuinix, umair mehmood, and Moe for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome on board!

Check out the awesome goodies stuffed into 5.1!

  • Boosted performance of django.urls.resolvers._route_to_regex() function, benchmark results showcasing significant speed enhancements.

  • django.contrib.auth decorators, @login_required, @permission_required and @user_passes_test now support wrapping asynchronous view functions.

Apart from Django core updates, the community has some cool news to share too!

  • Django is participating in Google Summer of Code this year. Applications open March 18 and close April 2, 2024.

  • The first session of Djangonaut Space just wrapped up and the organizers thrilled with what all the Djangonauts have achieved! Wishing these amazing explorers all the best for their next voyage.

  • Last week, we had the first Django.Social Egypt in Mansoura, and it was a blast! Big shoutout to Mohammad Alsakhawy from Djangonaut Space for driving the event forward!

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