Updates to Django

Today 'Updates to Django' is presented by Lilian from Djangonaut Space!

Last week we had 11 pull requests merged into Django by 8 different contributors - including 1 first-time contributor! Congratulations to Zeyad Moustafa for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome on board!

Ever wonder about the tradeoff between security and performance of password hashers? Django's ScryptPasswordHasher originally had the parallelism parameter set to p=1, however OWASP has a recommendation of p=5. PR #18157 includes this change to follow the recommendation and is part of Django 5.1.

In other news, Google Summer of Code officially kicks off next week, and there are four Django projects this year! Congratulations to the participants, and have fun working on these interesting projects!

  • AmanPandey - Add Async Support to Django Debug Toolbar
  • Salvo Polizzi - Auto Importing Shell
  • Csirmaz Bendegรบz - Django ORM support for composite primary keys
  • Shafiya Adzhani - Add support for using key and path transforms in update() for JSONFields.
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