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Trends and Insights for January

So much happens on social media that doesn't always get covered in traditional articles, and we wanted to experiment with an occasional Trends and Insights section. Let us know if you like the idea and what you think. We might make it a more permanent part of our newsletter if it's well-received.

🐍 CPython's main branch now compiles to WebAssembly, which means that Python will run natively in your web browser. Check out Katie Bell's "How to run Python in the browser" talk from LCA 2022.

πŸ₯š Dustin Ingram shared some packaging insights that, as of December 2021, less than 1% of all uploading PyPI packages include .egg files. Python eggs are effectively deprecated.

πŸ§ͺ Jamie Matthews shared a nice PyQuery snippet that makes testing for exact text easier in a reply thread about Django Template tips, tricks, and best practices using CSS selectors.

🏁 Hugo van Kemenade had a Twitter thread that measures how long each major Python release is supported on each CI platform. For Python 3.10, the fastest was 12 hours for GitHub Actions, and the slowest was 106 days for TravisCI.

🎨 Are you still confused by the CSS Box Model? Annie Bombanie shared an illustrated analogy drawing that sums it up better than a few boxes with borders.

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