Updates to Django

Updates to Django

From Djangonaut Program Member Anvansh Singh.

Last week, the Django community experienced 10 merged pull requests, accompanied by the exciting debut of remarkable first-time contributors Gregor Jerše and davidolz. Their impactful entrance is warmly embraced by the community!

Gregor Jerše made a significant first contribution by improving accessibility for screen reader users, associating form fields with their help text using aria-describedby. This change enhances navigation and understanding of the form. If you have a custom aria-describedby attribute defined in a form widget, please read the updated documentation to take advantage of the improved accessibility for Django 5.0.

Other notable contributions included Mariusz Felisiak's closure of a 15-year-old ticket (#9602) by adding a new method AdminSite.get_model_admin which returns an admin class for the given model class. Amazing!

Want to make a contribution? Head over to, pick a ticket, and start working. You may be the next star for this section. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week!

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