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Updates to Django

Updates to Django

From Django Review and Triage Team Member Sarah Boyce...

Last week we had 20 pull requests merged into Django by 12 different contributors - including 5 first time contributors! Congratulations to Tushar, Ryan Chausse, Cauê Thenório, Amir Karimi and Priyank Panchal for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome on board!

Some highlights include: - updating QuerySet.bulk_create() to retrieve primary keys when updating conflicts (#34698) - adding documentation on how to delete a Django application (#34309) - removing django.contrib.sitemaps.ping_google() and the ping_google management command after reaching consensus on the Django forum (#34688)

New tickets are raised to Django every day, so let's look at July 21st through the history of the Django project. Excluding today, July 21st has seen 121 tickets raised and all but 2 of these tickets have already been closed! 2008 had 19 tickets raised on a single day! The remaining two open tickets are: - #18654 supporting model properties that are not fields in GIS LayerMapping, raised July 21st 2008 - #25154 having make migrations output the operation that failed, raised July 21st 2015

If you want to work on any ticket, you can sign into Trac using your GitHub account and assign yourself to a ticket.

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