Updates to Django

There was a big push to get as many PRs as possible in before the 5.0 feature freeze deadline and so last week we had a massive 22 pull requests merged into Django by 13 different contributors - including 7 first time contributors! Congratulations to Rinku Chaudhari, Anvansh, Lemuel Sta Ana, michele, puc_dong, Yves Weissig and Sam Toyer for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome on board!

Some of the final features added to 5.0 were:

  • The main admin content area is now rendered in a <main> tag instead of <div> (#34833) and it's header in a <header> tag instead of <div> (#34832) which improves accessibility.
  • Functions decorated with functools.lru_cache can be serialized in migrations without the need to write a custom serializer (#34822).
  • Added support for callables on model fields' choices (#24561).
  • Model properties can be rendered as booleans in ModelAdmin.list_display by using the new boolean attribute (#31558).

The alpha version of Django 5.0 is released which means now is a great time to start testing against your project! You can find the full release notes here:

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