Updates to Django

Today 'Updates to Django' is presented by Pradhvan from Djangonaut Space!

Last week we had 28 pull requests merged into Django by 16 different contributors - including 4 first time contributors! Congratulations to Erin Kelly, AlexCLeduc, d9pouces, and Emmanuel Sandjio for having their first commits merged into Django - welcome on board!

Exciting news in Django 5.1:

  • The admin UI has a new feature enabling users to set unusable passwords via a checkbox named "Allow login", toggled on by default.
  • cached_db.SessionStore now logs failures when saving content exceeding the cache backend's limit, preventing request crashes from that subsequent session.
  • Registering URL converters with same name is deprecated in favor of enforcing uniqueness on custom path converters.

Not enough? There's some pretty cool stuff packed in 5.0 too:

  • First-time contributor AlexCLeduc fixed a bug by adding a definitive chunk_size for the queryset iterator during database serialization, enhancing the handling of models utilizing base managers with prefetch_related().
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