Trends and Insights

Trends and Insights for February 11th

🍏 Jen Simmons, from Apple, asked the web community for meaningful feedback to help address issues with their Safari browser.

πŸ–€ The Django codebase is now formatted with Black.

⚑ Django Snippets is now using htmx on their front page and they are looking for new contributors. This continues the trend of more and more projects starting to adopt htmx.

🌍 Do you remember your first DjangoCon Europe? The team wants to know.

✏️ Writing a "Hello Wordle" app might be the new writing "Hello world" in your favorite framework.

🐍 Python Core Devs are discussing "Removing dead batteries" from Python 3.13.

🐘 After you upgrade to Postgres 14, you need to reindex all of your indexes because glibc changed how data is internally sorted.

πŸ“˜ Kalob Taulien announced that he is writing a Wagtail CMS book this year due November 2022.

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